What is a Bail Bond?

When confronted by arrest, whether it’s you or a loved one, you might find yourself wondering ‘what is a bail bond?’ To answer that question, you first need to understand the concept of bail. Bail is essentially where you pay money to the court so that you can be allowed to leave jail. This money is paid as an assurance to indicate that the defendant will be present at court as the justice process is carried out till the end. Under typical circumstances, the amount of money required for bail is a fairly large sum. So of course, most people cannot afford it; this is where the bail bonds come in.

What is a bail bond? Well, bail bonds are a form of payment provided by bail bondsmen or a bonding company. When you aren’t in a position to cover the amount required, you can enlist the aid of a bondsman by paying them a specific fee and/or providing them with collateral in the form of jewellery or other valuable items they can sell to recoup any potential losses. Usually, bondsmen are roughly paid 10 per cent of the original amount that is posted for bail. The latter will then make contact with the court and proceed to inform them that they will provide the full bail amount if the defendant fails to attend their court dates.

From there, two scenarios are possible. The first one is that you don’t attend any court dates. As a result, this would mean that the bail bond has been forfeited and therefore the bondsman will exercise their right to use the items you provided as collateral to pay off the amount that is owed to the court. The second scenario would be that you do appear at court whenever necessary; in this case the bond would be dissolved once the case has been concluded and all the items you provided as collateral will henceforth be returned to you by the bondmen, as there would be no need to pay the court any money.

In the city of Jackson, Tennessee the judge will determine the amount for bail while considering factors such as any prior criminal history or the threat the defendant poses to the community. Once the bail amount has been decided you could either pay the amount directly or if unable to do so on your own you can enlist the help of reliable bail bondsmen like us!

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