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Being arrested can greatly complicate your day to day routine. Whether in terms of your family, as you are taken away from them and need to wait for release to go back home; or, in terms of your job where work piles up, or you get paid less for being absent, and in fact the arrest can prove to discourage future employers from hiring you. Rather than put up with all this, hire us now! We’re the Bail Bond Pros of Jackson TN and we’ll pay your bail and get you out for the most reasonable fee you can find in the whole city!

When we say ‘bail bonds’ what do we mean by it? Well, ‘bail bonds’ is a term for the payment made to the court to ensure that any arrested party is present at court when summoned. People seek out the help of bail bondsmen like us when they need help to get out of jail but don’t have access to the right kind of money. When you enlist our help, we only take a small fee for our services in comparison to the (sometimes) fairly large sums set for bail.

Whether it’s you or a loved one who is arrested, it can be an extremely taxing and stressful experience.This is where we come in and take care of matters to make your life easier. We can provide a great deal of convenience to you and make your release as quick as possible. Don’t believe us? Look below and you’ll see all the various ways you’ll benefit if you hire us to help out.

Experience is perhaps the greatest thing we can offer you. We understand that the average citizen isn’t familiar with the more technical aspects of the law; which is why we make ourselves available to lend a hand. We are intimately familiar with the process and are well aware of what rights you are afforded. Our seasoned bond agents can help you save on time while also cut down significantly on any mistakes and emotional frustration that comes with the process.

We bail bondsmen also work closely with courts, this allows us to develop healthy professional relationships with people at all levels of the court. Having the right contacts means we can reach out to the right people and get you released that much faster. And getting released faster means your daily life will experience minimum disruptions.

Paperwork is an inescapable aspect of the process. Not only is it extremely technical, the work itself is really tedious. When you hire us, all your paperwork is taken care of by professionals who know understand the paperwork inside and out. Not to mention by making use of our experienced services your paperwork won’t be affected by potential errors. Any mistakes in the forms can easily drag out the proceedings for longer than need be. We at Bail Bonds Pros of Jackson TN are so well versed with the paperwork we’ll easily have it finished in a relatively short period of time.

One other reason you’ll benefit from calling us is that if you choose to take care of the bail by yourself you will need to verify for the court where the money has come from and prove that it was all earned through legal means. This requires you to present the court with evidence like tax documents, bank statements, etc. 

It can be fairly demanding to get all these things in order, you might also feel like your privacy is being somewhat invaded by the court. When you hire us, we don’t ask for anything like this and offer the court money on our end. Because we’re reliable, we won’t be subject to the same checks allowing everyone to maintain their privacy and avoid too much of a hassle.

While in certain cases we might take collateral to guarantee some method of payment, at the same time we will immediately return any money or collateral we requisitioned. Meanwhile in the case of the court, once you the pay money to the court, it remains there. Nothing is returned to you.

In our humble city of Jackson, you’ll be able to find some detention facilities. At 1524 Westover Rd. we have Madison Country Penal farm, which is a county government office. There’s also another county government office by the name of Madison County Community Corrections, which is located on 314 S Shannon St. The resident Jackson Police Department can be found at 234 Institute St. And lastly we have the prison at 515 S Liberty St. the Madison County Jail. Also present in Jackson, Tennessee is a juvenile detention centre under the name Madison County Detention Centre located at 224 Lexington Ave.

The City Court of Jackson, Tennessee is based from 101 E Lafayette St. And it operates during the hours of 8:00am up until 5:00pm. The exception to this would be on Wednesday where the hours are from 8:00am till 4:00pm. From Monday to Friday at 8:00am, the arraignment is held at the Jackson City Court building. An arraignment is the first visit a defendant makes to the court, where the judge goes over their rights and states the charge against them. Every Saturday at 8:30am, the bonds are decided. The current sitting judge is Blake Anderson.